Welcome to the Awana Children's Ministry at Bethel Gospel Chapel, North Bay

Awana is a place where your kids can learn about the Bible, meet new friends, and have lots of fun. It features curriculum, activities, and games designed for each age group, and it takes kids on an exciting journey through the Scriptures. Weekly studies and memory verses show children how the Bible applies to everyday life. Our team of volunteers looks forward to working with your children at Awana club!

Guiding principles of Awana: 

1.      Centered on the Gospel of the good news of salvation 

2.      Scripture memorization is fundamental

3.      Engage with children in a fun an exciting way

4.      Children and youth are trained to know, love, & serve Jesus Christ.

5.      Awana is built on, and actively promotes, strong leadership skills

This website is a resource for parents, clubbers and leaders to access Awana information and to keep track of the weekly progress through the Awana program. The calendar below will be kept as current as possible, but is subject to change as new events are added, so please check back often!

Awana Meeting Information:

Tuesdays from 6:00-7:45 pm from September - April

Address:         Bethel Gospel Chapel

                     781 Tackaberry Dr 

                     North Bay ON P1B 4R7


Registration Fees
Registration Fee: $30 per child
Handbooks: $15
Uniforms (if required): $20
Cubbies/Sparks Bags (optional): $10

Note: Once you have registered your child online via this 2Tim2 website, your child's club Director will contact you via email with specific information regarding amounts owing for registration and any other applicable fees. For e-transfers registration payments, please use the following Awana club email:

To increase children’s safety, especially during the winter season, we block off the full lower parking lot directly across from the chapel with pylons/ropes to prevent children from having to cross the main drive. We ask all parents/guardians to please drive all the way up the hill (without stopping at the main entrance), and to park in either the lot to the right near the gym or along the edge of the line of trees. Those parents/guardians with Cubbies or Sparks must escort their child(ren) along the sidewalk to the front doors for drop-off and pick-up. We place large plastic bags over several of the designated accessibility parking posts/signs in the gym area parking lot to make more spots available for families. All volunteers who do not have young children in the program are asked to park in the upper parking lot. Finally, please consider backing into your parking spot so that when you leave, you are moving forward and thus have a better view of all children.

Cancellation Protocol 

During the Winter months, when we experience a Tuesday in which there may be severe weather and/or road condition concerns, the Director will gather information throughout the day and then make a formal decision at 4 pm as to whether or not club will run. Please note that cancellation of some/all school buses in our area does not necessarily mean that our club will be cancelled. If club is cancelled, your family should receive an email from your child's Director shortly after 4 pm; otherwise, club will run.



The Awana program at Bethel includes four clubs for ages 3 through Grade 9. If you have any general questions about the Awana program, or related safety protocols, please contact the Awana Ministry Directors,
 Dan & April Jarvis (bethelnb.awana@gmail.com), or Ken Ferron, Pastoral Elder at Bethel Gospel Chapel.


Upcoming Awana Calendar
February 27 (Tue)
Awana meeting
Section assigned to Meeting:
Club Book Track Section Special
Cubbies AppleSeed 20
Trek Trek 1: His Story 4.2
March 5 (Tue)
Awana meeting
Section assigned to Meeting:
Club Book Track Section Special
Cubbies AppleSeed 22
Trek Trek 1: His Story 4.3
Tuck your pants in your socks!!! Everyone is doing it...it's not hard!
March 19 (Tue)
Awana meeting
Section assigned to Meeting:
Club Book Track Section Special
Cubbies AppleSeed 23
Trek Trek 1: His Story 4.4
March 26 (Tue)
Awana meeting
Section assigned to Meeting:
Club Book Track Section Special
Cubbies AppleSeed Easter
Trek Trek 1: His Story 4.5